Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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bergrothi (Edwards)

1921b:50 (A, Theobaldia).
Type-loc: Sweden (BM, SM, and HM)

Additional References:
Natvig 1942:2 (resurrected from syn. with glaphyroptera).
Natvig1948:160 (M*, F*, P*, L*; tax.).
Monchadskii 1951:123 (L*).
Maslov1967:136 (M*, F, L).
Gutsevich, Monchadsky and Stackelberg 1974:155 (M*, F, L*).
Minar 1976:335 (distr.).
Utrio 1976:129, 135 (L*, distr.).
Townsend 1990:51 (type info.).


China, Finland, Japan, Korea; South, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Sweden