Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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breinli (Taylor)

1914d: 186 (F* only; Neosquamomyia)
Type-loc: Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea (ANIC)

Additional References:
Lee 1944c: 217 (M*, F, L*)
Penn 1949b: 65 (P*)
Belkin 1962a: 482 (M*, F, P*, L*)
Steffan 1968b: 143 (M*, F, P*, L*)
Rodhain and Gaxotte 1977: 77 (distr.)
Maffi et al. 1979: 214 (distr.).
Lee et al. 1988d: 6 (lectotype F; type info.)
Reinert, Harbach and Kitching 2004: [F].
Reinert, Harbach and Kitching 2009: [F].

Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea (Island); Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands