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inornata (Williston)

1893:253 (F; Culex).
Type-loc: Argus Mountains, California, United States (USNM)

Additional References:
Howard, Dyar, and Knab 1912(1913), figs. 691-692 (E*).
Darsie 1951:39 (P*).
Rees and Onishi 1951:233 (M*, F*).
Carpenter and LaCasse 1955:89 (M*, F*, L*).
Maslov 1967:143 (M*, F, L*).


Canada, Mexico, United States; contiguous lower 48

The larvae of Cs. inornata are found in ground pools, ditches, and occasionally in artificial water containers, often grossly polluted. They occur in brackish water in the coastal marshes in California. (Carpenter and LaCasse 1955:91)

Medical Importance:
Cs. inornata is considered a vector of western equine encephalitis (WEE) and West Nile Virus (WNV) (Turell et al. 2005:60)