Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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smithii (Coquillett)

1901:260 (A; Aedes).
Type-loc: Lahaway, New Jersey, United States (USNM)

Additional References:
Roth 1946a:294 (F*).
Ross 1947:34 (M*, F, L*).
Darsie 1951:45 (P*).
Lane 1953:882 (M*, F, P*, L*).
Carpenter and LaCasse 1955: 68 (M*, F*, L*); 64 (M*, F*, L*; as haynei)
Barr and Barr 1969a:193 (E*).
Bradshaw and Lounibos 1977: 546-567 (biology; syn. of haynei).


Canada, Jamaica, United States; contiguous lower 48