Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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Subgenus Opifex Hutton

Opifex Hutton 1902: 188 (in family Tipulidae). Haplotype: fuscus Hutton


Important References:
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Edwards 1932: 127 (class.)
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Belkin 1968 (tax., bion., distr.; New Zealand)
Lee et al. 1988: 35 (tax., bion., distr.; Australasia)
Reinert 2001: 9 (F gen.*)
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From Harbach's Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory: Opifex larvae occur in coastal rock-pools containing brackish, saline or hyper-saline water. The larvae of Op. fuscus have also been collected from a hole in a tree trunk projecting over the seashore, a fresh water stream and a horse trough. The adults of Op. chathamicus have not been encountered in nature, but females of Op. fuscus are known to attack at night and produce a painful bite. Males of the latter species exhibit a unique mating behaviour that includes precocious coupling with females before they have fully emerged from their pupal exuviae.