Systematic Catalog of Culicidae


Welcome to the new, redesigned online Systematic Catalog of Culicidae. This web-based project began in 1999 with a flat html copy of the Knight and Stone 1977 catalog and the four supplements integrated into a single document. Funded by the U.S. Army, this information forms the basis for the catalog, though many changes in taxonomy, references and distribution have been incorporated since. In recent months a completely new database program has been written and replaces the antiquated version in place for many years.

This catalog is as current as we can possibly keep it. When new species and distributions are found by us or are brought to our attention, they are added to the database and are immediately available. We encourage users to contribute by sending taxonomic and distributional papers (PDF format, please) to Jim Pecor for inclusion. We also encourage users to inform us of any catalog problems or errors by using the "Contact Us" tab.

User Notes

The tabs across the top of the page have replaced the old left-hand navigation panel. The "PUBS" tab accesses the previously-named "Reference Database." Depending on your browser and browser preferences, the "WRBU" and "FORUM" links may open in another browser page tab.


The creation of the online WRBU Systematics Catalog of Culicidae was in large part funded by COL Raj K. Gupta, formerly Director, Research Plans and Programs, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, MD. We also thank him for his continuous support to WRBU. Without COL Gupta this online catalog would not exist.

We also gratefully acknowledge assistance rendered by the following individuals:

  • Theresa M. Howard, Natural History Museum, London for extensive and invaluable proofing and research.
  • Mohammed Aslam Khan, Pakistan; John Clancy, ICPMR, Westmead, Australia; Ralph E. Harbach, Natural History Museum, London; Bruce A. Harrison; F. Christian Thompson, USDA and Graham B. White

Special thanks to the Armed Forces Pest Management Board for hosting the website and David Hill in particular for maintaining the servers.

Thomas V. Gaffigan, Richard C. Wilkerson, James E. Pecor, Judith A. Stoffer and Thomas Anderson