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spegazzinii Brèthes

1912:39 (F).
Type-loc: Jujuy, Argentina (BA)

Additional References:
Cerqueira 1943a: 10 [F*](resurrected from questioned syn. with equinus).
Coher 1948(1949): [F].
Lane 1953: [F*].
Belkin, Schick, and Heinemann 1968:14 (type info.).
Arnell 1973:28 (M*, F, P*, L*).


Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela

The larvae of this species are commonly found in treeholes and bamboo internodes. Antunes and Whitman (1937) showed spegazzinii (as uriartei) to be capable of harboring yellow fever virus but they were unable to effect transmission. Bevier, Torres-Munoz and Doria-Medina (1953) found spegazzinii, as well as janthinomys, to be present in areas of yellow fever outbreaks near Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where it may possibly play a role in transmission, (Arnell 1973:30)

Medical Importance:
It may possibly play a role in transmission of yellow fever. (Arnell 1973:30)